Hipsters is one of the few subcultures where its members do not identify with their title. You could imagine then that finding the dishes eaten by these (predominantly) bearded folk meant travelling deep into the land of ironic t-shirts, tattoos, vinyls and bicycles with baskets. But, we did it, we uncovered the hipster versions of your favourite food and lived to tell the tale. In fact, we had a pretty good time and would happily visit again.

The latest cuisine likely to be flooding your Instagram feed (not to mention your local eating district) is Americana. Chicken wings or even buffalo wings are great, but the hipster incarnation of your favourite finger-lickin food introduces a cheese fit for a ploughman’s platter. Want to live a day in the life of a hipster? Opt for fried wings with salt and blue cheese sauce. While you’re on the bird-wagon, know that roast chicken is sah out, and southern fried is sah in, and that means it’s time to get down and dirty with some southern fried chicken and slaw.


If you thought mac n cheese was safe from the brightly coloured claws of your hipster neighbour, think again. In a hipster land, far away, slow cooked pulled pork fell in love with macaroni cheese and gave birth to pulled pork and sauerkraut mac n cheese. Sauerkraut, because hipsters love being healthy and what’s healthier than all that good bacteria from sauerkraut? You’ll need it after that melty cheese and pork. Hipsters are so smart that way.

mac n cheese

Chicken and mac n cheese might be adored by many hipsters the world over but some would argue that you haven’t truly made it as a hipster unless you’re on a vegan diet and thank God someone invented almost all foods in vegan form. Forget old-school 90s vegan patties that are dry and bland, 2017 vegan burger patties are full of flavour and super juicy. Want a lighter option? Once upon a time you only had the choice of a fish taco, chicken taco or beef taco, but now there’s plenty of meat-free tacos to keep you on your merry way.

vegan burger

If pizza is more your thing, try the vegan kale pizza right after you finish your kale salad, kale chips, kale juice ... you get the picture. But wait, there’s more! The green smoothie has been re-imagined with every hipster’s favourite ingredient: matcha. A matcha and kale smoothie is greener than green, and smoother than smooth.

vegan pizza

When it comes to dessert, hipsters are all about reinventing the classics. And boy, do they do it well. Hipster or not, you’d be a fool to turn down a Mars bar donut. Will it turn you into a full-blown hipster? Maybe, but you’ll never really know … will you?