You’d think that tiramisu was an indulgence of the Italian nobility in centuries gone by, what with those decadent layers of lady fingers soaked in espresso and whipped sweet mascarpone, with a dusting of fine cocoa on top.

Nope! In reality, the history of tiramisu is still a dispute. Not even an old, bitter, Capulets and Montegues sort of dispute - they just haven't decided who created it yet. Some say it can be traced back to the 1600s, some say it was an Italian restaurant in the 1960s, but the word 'tiramisu' didn't even make it to print until the 80s.

The one important thing to note is that it’s a kickarse dessert: sugar, caffeine AND alcohol from the optional (uh, mandatory) liqueur/liquor. No wonder they called this tantalising treat tiramisu, meaning ‘pick-me-up’.

It’s a rich dessert, but not sickly sweet. Probably why you hated it as a child but would take a bullet for it now. So grab a tasty tiramisu takeaway and get a boost of everything that's so bad for you it's good.