Ever had more than your fair share of the chips and blamed someone else? How about eaten a sibling’s Easter Eggs in secret then destroyed the evidence? Well, there is a panda in China that just trumped every sneaky snack ploy you’ve ever pulled absolving you of every scrumptious sin.

6 year-old panda, Ai Hin (AKA Scumbag Stephanie), faked a pregnancy just to get extra food. For two months (or about half of a standard Panda pregnancy) Ai Hin deliberately mimicked the habits of a prego panda so that she would receive the larger quantities and better choices of food her carers reserve for the mumma pandas in her breeding program.

Apparently, pandas are huge jerks.

To add context, pandas are literally the worst at getting pregnant, and will only conceive once every 3 or so years when they absolutely have to (because they are actually the laziest and simply can’t be bothered with the necessary baby making activities.) This means that her faking is, in human terms, the equivalent of faking a broken leg on moving day so your roommate has to move everything themselves.

Those lazy, sneaky sons of… other pandas?

So next time you get the guilts over eating the last biscuit or nicking some of your kids’ party bag lollies, spare a thought for Ai Hin, and return to feeling like a genuinely decent human being.

No wonder pandas are endangered, they’re liars and terrible mums.

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