They say music is food for your soul, so surely music about food is even better? You’ve got some time to relax and you need some beats (or beets) to chill by. Keep your mind, your ears and your tummy happy with this foodie playlist of the best food related songs from across the decades.

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Mutual obsession over food is important in a healthy relationship. If these people can’t even agree on the way they want to pronounce “tomato,” then maybe they shouldn’t be together. Bickering in song form is always entertaining, as long as you’re not the one singing.

Potato, pot-ah-to, whatever!

Cheeseburger In Paradise - Jimmy Buffett

This is one of the only songs that is actually about food and not just using food as a thinly veiled metaphor. If you’re into chilled beach vibes and middle-aged dudes who love pina coladas, this is the song for you. But really, who doesn’t love cheeseburgers enough to sing about ‘em?

Heaven on Earth with an onion slice.

Red, Red Wine - UB 40

Not officially a food song, but it couldn’t be left out. This reggae groove is best accompanied by a glass of Shiraz for maximum smoothness.

Red red wine, make me feel so fine… until the next day

Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard

Cliché 80’s metal at its absolute best, this mullet-astic anthem is the most obvious of the food euphemisms. This is a great one to get pumped up to. Practice your head banging and get that sweet tooth going. Extra points for wearing a singlet with your own name on it.

You got the peaches, I got the cream… Did they not think we’d work this out?

Peaches - Presidents of The United States

Another rare find where the song is genuinely an ode to food. This song is not only a 90s staple, but it’s got the groove to get your appetite going. BONUS: Awesome amateur martial arts scene for absolutely no reason.


Gonna eat me a lotta peaches

Milkshake - Kelis

Another drink song, this one is the earworm of the century. These beats will crawl so far into your brain, you will find yourself desperately searching EatNow for a place that will deliver milkshakes at 11:30 at night. Best to order one before you play the song, just to be safe. BONUS: Fake diner called “Tasty’s Yard”- sounds good right?

She could teach you, but she’d have to charge.

BONUS: Food Parodies

In 1993 Weird Al Yankovic, in his pun-nificent glory, released and entire album of parody songs about food. It included a send up of “The right stuff” about the cream in the middle of an Oreo and a La Bamba remake called “Lasagna”. Check out the hero of the album, a parody of Michael Jackson’s Beat It, where Weird Al looks like an early prototype of Napoleon Dynamite.

 Hey Weird Al, can we have some of your tots?

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