Everyone is unique in their own special way, but when it comes to takeaway there are pretty much just two kinds of people. You know, like the ones who will share with you versus the ones who won't, or the friend who chips in fairly, versus the mate who argues about whether he had any.

The war between people on either side of these camps has been raging for decades, but these seemingly insignificant details about how you down your dinner could be the key to finding your soul mate or just working our who you really are.

So, do you:

Twirl or Cut?

Smother or Dip?

Do Crusts or No Crusts?

Wipe On a Serviette or On Your Pants?

Break or Bite?

Dining Table or Coffee Table?

Eat Pizza With Your Hands or With Cutlery?

Eat With Cutlery or Chopsticks?

Whichever kind of person you are, you're DEFINITELY not alone. Time to gather round some like minded friends and enjoy takeaway the "right" way. Order online now