It’s not the name of the guy that invented Mi Goreng and it’s definitely not the Emperor who built the great wall of China to “keep the rabbits out”, Nasi Goreng is the Chuck Norris of fried rice. Sweeter, spicier and bolder, it has a heap more kick than Chinese fried rice and is bound to provide a dinner that packs a punch.

Fighting for recognition as a super strong takeaway choice, Nasi Goreng is traditionally an Indonesian breakfast dish, made from the leftovers of last night’s dinner. This Frankenstein-like feast combines yesterday’s rice, spice and meat to present a dish that brings back to life the true flavours of these day old ingredients.

Sweet soy sauce, fried egg, marinated meats and a whole lot of terrifically tasty spices combine forces to make this dish one to be reckoned with. Originally a way to prevent wastage, Nasi Goreng is so damn tasty, it’s impossible to leave any behind.

So next time you’re thinking which rice is nicest, remember nice guys finish last, so pick the rice with the spice. Order Indonesian Nasi Goreng now.