Potatoes are the world’s favourite side dish. Versatile, comforting and probably the tastiest vegetable to ever grace this green earth, they could make up a whole menu pretty much on their own. Choosing between potato dishes can be like choosing a favourite child, so this list does the hard work for you.

12. Mashed

Extra marks for gravy

11. Wedges

Tasty ‘tater slices that also make excellent prop lips

10. Potato Chips

Not really a takeaway, but pretty darn popular for a dish served at room temp.

9. Hash Browns

Could do a whole category on the different kinds of hasbrowns, but the best ones have a great crispness to smoothness ratio.

8. Baked

This packhorse of the potato clan can happily carry a whole mess of toppings, making it extra delicious.

7. Roast

Like the Mona Lisa or the A 1960s American muscle car, these are a classical beauty. Unlike the Mona Lisa, their crunchy outers and creamy insides are what dreams are made of.

6. Shoestring Fries

These guys get extra points for their design. So skinny and crispy you can fit 20 in your mouth at one time.

5. Fat Chips

Luxurious proportions and an almost endless choice of seasonings make these guys a real treat.

4. Fish Shop Chips

Summertime nostalgia plays a big part here, but there is something special about the combination of crispy and soggy chips that the old paper wrap provides.

3. Potato Cakes

Two of the best words in the English language still can’t describe the awesomeness of these little beauties. Superior crunch and chewy potato centres make these guys a go to.

2. Scalloped Potatoes / Potatoes Au Gratin

Plates full of potatoes and creamy, melted cheese. It’s the perfect meal on it’s own.

1. Loaded Fries

The best of every kind of potato.  Crisp and soggy at the same time, these cheesy, buttery and sometimes even meaty marvels are to die for.

Bonus:  Mr Potato Head

Extra points for the moustache and stylish hat and shoe combo.

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