Athletes are pretty good at fuelling themselves with nourish nosh. But, like you, they’re only human, and what better way to show it than by having a little cheat meal here and there? Everything in moderation, we say.

Want to live vicariously through some of the best cheat meals that ever lived? Take a look at our list as told by some of the world’s best athletes.



What kind of person doesn’t like pizza? There are so many options that it’s virtually impossible to say you don’t like it, so we’re very glad athletes came to the table on this one. What’s even better than pizza? Glad you asked! Unlimited pizza, as one athlete says. On the other hand, one track superstar actually said their cheat meal was pancakes and pizza TOGETHER. Mind blown.


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Bacon burger

We want to become best friends with any athlete that cites a bacon burger as their number one cheat meal. That’s a solid foundation for a friendship right there. In fact, we’d want to befriend anyone who voted for a bacon burger.


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There’s only one thing we don’t like about cookies, and that’s when they’re gone. Sports legends vote ginger nut and chocolate chips cookies as some of their favourites. We’re definitely with them on the chocolate chip cookies but we’re still warming to the idea of ranking ginger nut cookies in our top 5. Top 10, definitely, but top 5? We need a little more convincing.


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Ice cream

Who are these people and what have they done with our athletes? They’re all totally relatable and enjoy the same foods as we do (although we probably consume a little more of the naughty stuff than they do … blame our self-control issues!). Ice cream is kinda like a frozen smoothie. Get the fam onto this one cause it’s gotta be good for you if that’s the case.

ice cream

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Who said pancakes are a breakfast-only food? You should be allowed to enjoy them at any time of the day, but we guess the breakfast association stops us from eating them all day long.


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