Last year a group of super savvy food fans ran a campaign to once and for all recognise the greatness of their favourite food, the Dim Sim, in the form of a bronzed statue.

So far there hasn’t been too much Government support behind this important homage to the nation’s favourite deep fried dumpling, but this hasn’t stopped these craving crusaders.

While their quest continues, we’re left questioning why it is ok to have other big foods like prawns and pineapples towering over our towns, but not any of our favourite big takeaways.

To solve this burning issue here are some suggestions for the ways in which our best loves bites could be giganticly glorified.

The Big Burger

Size: 300 times bigger than your average bun

Style: The Biggest beef

Location: Swan St Richmond

Reasoning: Melbourne's Inner Suburbs are home to many of the country's best burger bites

The Big Slice

Size: A 7 Storey Pizza Pillar

Style: Bbq Chicken Arch Way

Location: Outside The Adelaide Convention Centre

Reasoning: You voted and told us that this was tho home of your favourite pizza dish

The Big Taco

Size: Humongous Hard Shell

Style: Beef and bean

Location: Behind the Opera house at Circular Quay

Reasoning: Sydney is home to some of the top rated Latin food

The Big Dim Sims

Size: Double The Delivery Cars

Style:  Fried and Wide

Location:  The Roundabout by The South Melbourne market

Reasoning: This is the home of the world's most famous (and probably largest) Dim Sims

The Big Chips

Size: Five Meters of Fries

Style:  Picket fence potato

Location: Bondi Beach

Reasoning:  A great place for the humble chip, structure doubles as distraction for seagulls

Join the cause! Grab your favourite takeaway and tell us where its best big version should be housed. Order online now.