In many cultures around the world, 2015 is still yet to begin. For those on the Lunar calendar the New Year starts on Feb 19.

What better way to celebrate the new year (again, for some) than to twist your tongue around the signature tastes of these partying cultures.




Peking Duck : Crave-curingly crispy and seductively sweet this dish is anything but fowl


Wontons: tiny parcels of puffy perfection, their dumpling game is strong


Chow Mein: Slurp away with the King of stir-fry noodles




Pad Thai: The stir fried noodle Queen, this has a fresher more tropical taste


Kuay Tiew: Flat rice noodles and tender beef are a match made in heaven


Massaman Curry: Smooth ,rich Thai curry with a meaty kick




Pho: Soup-er noodle dish with juicy beef flavour


Báhn Mi: baked goods and uber fresh Vietnamese salads are to die for


Báhn Tét:  especially eaten at this time of year, this banana leaf wrapped rice cake is a delicious savoury surprise.



Kimchi: Their national dish, Koreans love this pickled cabbage dish because of it’s spicy sour taste and superfood properties.

Bibimbap: a hearty, seasoned, meat, vegetable and rice dish. Almost like special fried rice with super strength it's more than any snack, it’s a mega meal.

Bulgogi: prime cuts of beef, marinated and grilled. ‘Nuff said.


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