Another year down and once again, you’re going to regret your decision to party hard. The damage is done, so it’s time to get well versed with the best hangover food. It doesn’t get much better than a greasy feed, but there are a few little dishes that may surprise you as being a hangover cure.

Beef kebab

Some hearty beef to fill an empty stomach after a night out is always a good idea, but dishes like beef stroganoff, beef casserole and beef stew, while tasty and perfect for the cold months, don’t quite hit the spot. Leaving the house and picking up some food probably is the last thing on your mind, but lucky for you a kebab is a cure that can be delivered right to your door.


Order beef kebab from Panthers Pizza & Kebabs, Penrith, NSW

Miso soup

Chicken soup and vegetable soup are for when you’re sick, but miso soup is the one you need when you’re in need of a miracle. Thanks to all the good stuff in it like sodium, vitamin B and minerals, this bowl is perfect when you need a magic fix. Tofu and seaweed might not sound appealing when all you want is fried chicken, but one slurp and you’ll already feel the powers working - and trust us, you’ll never look back.

miso soup

Order miso soup from Meiji Asian Restaurant, Bondi, NSW 

Green smoothie

You could take the super naughty route to cure a killer hangover, but a healthy smoothie might just be the ticket to sneak in your 5-veg daily intake. While a mango smoothie and banana smoothie are both super delish, get your greens in with a green smoothie that Popeye would knock back.

green smoothie

Order a green smoothie from Chef + Barista, Perth, WA

Beef BLT burger

Looking for a dish that covers most of your food groups? A beef BLT burger might be the one for you, with its soft, doughy bun to absorb last night’s mistake, just enough tomato and lettuce to feel healthy, and the all-important crispy bacon which - let’s be honest - makes everything amazing. Is this ‘bacon-you’ hungry yet?


Order a beef BLT burger from Craft Burgers, Beers & Burritos by Chidos, Tingalpa, QLD

Pepperoni pizza

Ordering a supreme pizza from your local pizza delivery shop is enough to cure most hangover symptoms, but the pizza you ‘knead’ is one topped with pepperoni because who doesn’t love pepperoni (aside from vegetarians)? Pizza is made for sharing so wake up your mates from their slumber and celebrate the day after a big one with the best hangover cure.


Order a pepperoni pizza from Megabite Pizza, Banksia, NSW