We all know the struggles of being so hungry it impacts your work, the same is true for street artists. Check out these top tasty pieces from around the world:


Like this guy who truly values the stretchiness of his cheese

And this little fella who is basically all stretchy cheese

This mad menagerie of mental takeaway

And this fella, who, let's be honest, kind of looks like most of us when we're starving

This legend who knows why our planet is worth saving

(it's the only one with pizza)

And the scathing commentary on "Big Fast Food"

I'll take the burger with the lot and an extra side of cash thanks

This adorable monster who is determined to give you brain freeze

And this stencil piece that proves even Banksy fixates on fast food sometimes

This piece that shows how big a need for noodles can get

And this guy, who didn't choose the taco life...

The taco life chose him