It’s happened. The hangries have set in and your rage is bordering on murderous.

You can’t quite put your finger on a fix. Suddenly, the light bulb moment: you’re gonna order takeaway.

You limit your order from the 15 hamburgers and 11 kebabs you really want to eat, to the reasonable amount of food you can actually afford.

You’ve placed your order and now all you have to do is contain yourself while you wait for your sweet, sweet meal to arrive.

When you’ve nearly lost your mind to the anticipation, the doorbell rings. It’s finally here!

Then it’s time to sit back, relax, and savour every succulent morsel, in a cultured and well-mannered fashion.


But there’s just one problem… you forgot to order your roommate anything.

So you retreat to your bedroom before you get busted, which is totally fine because you have your priorities sorted.


It’s so delicious but you start to fill up. So you summon all your strength to plow into the remains like an absolute trooper.


That’s it. You did it! You conquered the hangries and are awash with contetment. That was hard work wasn’t it? You should take a nap, you deserve it.


Bypass hangry and go straight to takeaway bliss by ordering your favourite dish now.