Carbs.  Check. Eating with your hands. Check. Options that allow a variety of flavours.Check. According to this checklist, Fufu has almost all of the features that make pizza so amazing. Like an Aussie in the NBA, this underappreciated dish has a wrap sheet that sees it poised to surprise everyone and become the next "must have".

Don't be surprised if you've never heard of Fufu. It's a staple in Africa that hasn't been in Oz long.  You might have heard of it and not even know, because it hides behind a whole bunch of different names. Foutou, Sakora and, confusingly, Couscous, can all refer to this same dish depending on where in Africa you're talking about. And, just because you haven't heard of it doesn't mean it isn't great.

Kind of like a savoury cookie dough,  this raw dish, made from different crushed tuber flours including yam, cassava and plantain, is served in a ball and pieces are broken from it and dipped into soups or sauces. The chewy texture, carb boost and ability to match perfectly with almost any dish means that Fufu is a little too easy to include with any meal. Legend has it that the term "once you pop you can't stop" was originally written by a Fufu fan (before it was co-opted by a certain canned chip company*.)

So if it's time to try some Fufu for you you, order online now.

*total jokes - we're pretty sure this belongs to an advertising creative somewhere that also never got the credit.