Teriyaki, traditional Japanese cooking method or magical marinade of devilish deliciousness? Either way, the simplicity of seared meat in this scrumptious sauce is enough make even the most serious of samurai do a double take.

While the source of this saucy cooking secret is not easy to track down, it was traditionally used as a way of cooking fish. The style became more popular and now includes beef as well as white meats including chicken and duck. Sadly, even though it sounds like it would be a great match, Teriyaki Yak is hard to come by.

The saltiness of the soy sauce, the moreishness of the mari (low alcohol rice wine) combined with the simple sweetness of the sugary glaze makes this saucy super seasoning the best introduction to and source of cravings for Japanese cuisine.

Teriyaki try time is now upon us, so if you haven’t had this majestic meal before ( or you have and this article has just made you pretty hungry) it’s time to order some online now.