With the footy seasons now in full swing, the time for team takeaway is here. Watching a game with your mates and munching your way through your favourite foods is one of the best parts of the weekend, but not getting your fair share can dampen even the greatest of game days.

Whether you’re keen on watching the match or your housemate or partner has gathered everyone around, both AFL and NRL provide prefect opportunities for you to grab the best grub. You just have to have your head in the (food grabbing) game. Here are the best ways to ensure your tum is triumphant on match day.

This guy has seen many season of food stealing

Victory (and Defeat) Taste Better When There's Treats

For a perfect game day, there has to be good food. It helps those whose teams are losing to keep up their spirits and it stops hanger reigniting long term rivalries. If no one has brought up ordering after the first 20 minutes of a game, suggest your favourite feast and make your team mates think it was their idea.

If There’s A Roar It’s Your Chance To Score

Distraction is key to getting your mits on the munchies. Exciting game events, like tries, goals, big hits or impressive marks grab all of the attention. They’re loud and usually provoke gestures and shouts from your mates at home, making them the perfect opportunity to put a few more pieces on your plate.

You can't get caught if no one is watching the food

Time Your Tastes

The last few minutes of a quarter or half (depending on your preferred football code) are the most intense for viewers. Eating more during this stage will ensure that the rest of your takeaway team are unaware of the size of your share.

Halftime For Your Club Is Halftime For Your Tum

During the breaks, let your teammates taste as much as they like. You will appear generous and they are more likely to notice you eating less than they are, and offer you the last morsels.

If you can steal quickly and cutely enough, you can even get away with nicking halftime snacks

To try out these tasty new tactics or to pick your favourite foods for your game, order online now.