Imagine a world without potatoes. No wedges, no gnocchi, no vodka, not even chips! Before you start to cry hysterically at the thought of that terrific tuber missing from your life, stop, breathe and remember that, thanks to the incredible ingenuity of South American farmers and their cuisine, the world is, and hopefully always will be, blessed with the precious potato.

South American cuisine isn’t just potatoes (although that would be pretty delicious). South America is really all about fresh tropical fruits, moreishly marinated meats and deliciously decadent desserts. Not as spicy as the feasts of their Central American counterparts, regional cuisines from Argentina to Venezeula are definitely as tasty as what’s coming out of the taqueria’s further North.

Top tastes to try:


Like a citric Sashimi this beautifully tangy fish is slathered in lime and lemon and served raw.


Chili Con Carne on steroids without the annoying vegetables getting in the way. This succulent stew of beans, beef and pork sausage is a treat for your tongue.


You'll go cuckoo for the coconut milk base to this fabulous fish stew.


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