Taste of the Month American: Foods from different regions

Are you an east coast, west coast, south or fence sitter* when it comes to American food? Not sure? No worries. We’ve rounded up the best options from each area to help you decide.

The Southern United States

If the south is famous for one thing, it would have to be BBQ and grilled meats and fried chicken, but let’s expand your knowledge of southern cuisine.

You’ve probably had fish cakes from your local Thai restaurant before but have you ever had crab cakes? There’s nothing not to love when sweet and juicy crab meat is involved.

The south’s answer to our beloved Vietnamese banh mi is a po’ boy. It’s a baguette filled with roast beef and gravy … or – wait for it – fried seafood like prawns and oysters. Hey now, don’t knock it ‘till you try it.


The West Coast

Burritos and tacos are great on the west coast because they’re usually smothered with lashings of avocado – unofficially California’s staple ingredient.

Then, there’s deep dish pizzas, which are also known as Chicago-style pizzas. Where do we start? Umm … it’s basically pizza as a pie. And yes, it’s THAT good.  

Some of our favourite American burger chains hail from the sunny west (hello, In-N-Out Burger) and, while we could talk about them ‘till the cows come home, we’re going to draw your attention to cheese fries – or what you might know on home soil as ‘loaded fries’. What is this deliciousness, you ask? Exactly how what it sounds like … hot chips with melted cheese.

Hot fries

The East Coast

An east coast clam bake is the ultimate for shellfish lovers. Did you know that it is neither a clam or a baked dish? It’s actually all different types of seafood steamed together – traditionally with some seaweed but more recently with corn on the cob and other vegetables.

If all that talk about clam bake has you wanting … well, clams, then we have a dish for you. Why not give clam chowder a go? The east coast is famous for it and there are a few variations (side note: they’re all delicious). Best enjoyed with crackers.

Finally, you can’t talk about east coast food and not mention one-pot meals. I mean, the east practically invented it. Think stews, casseroles, pot pies, all of that magic stuff.


*Confession: we’re fence sitters, how could we be anything otherwise?

A helping hand...

Where to get some East, West and Southern USA comfort food.

Third Wave, Melbourne

Kirribilli Meat Kitchen, Sydney

Surf and Turf Bistro, Gold Coast

Deen Street BBQ and Pizza, Perth