Amigos, welcome to the chilliest, beaniest, corniest, tortilliest month of the year.

Those magnifico colours...

Those delicioso flavours...

It's a wonder the world eats anything else.

Mexican food history has been a hell of a ride. Basically heaps of chilli and chocolate, and then heaps of invading.

The Spanish invaders did, however, bring huge culinary influences (ahem, CHEESE) in the 16th century, though a heap of traditional ingredients have stood the test of time.

Like corn tortillas! They were being used even before the Aztecs. Woah, right?

Now repeat after us: ALL HAIL THE MAKERS OF GUAC.

Top Tastes To Try


You know the nachos you make at home with Doritos, a jar of salsa and whatever shredded cheese is in the back of the freezer?

They would get bullied by Chilaquiles at Nacho School.


Get stuffed, mate.


This popular street snack is a whole stick of corny glory.

Top Rated Restaurants Serving Mexican:

Bay City Burrito - Hawthorn

Taco Bill - Keilor Downs

Durangoz Mexican Restaurant - Merrimac

Cha Chi's Mexica Cantina - Glenunga

Bench Fajita Bar - Manly