Extraordinarily simple, impossibly fresh and unforgettably rich, Mediterranean food is a gift from the Gods. Infused with passion of Zeus (for virginite mortals) these dishes bring heaven direct to your taste buds. Taking a bite from any Greek or Italian dish is like being kissed by Apollo, directly drinking in the seaside sun that grew the ingredients you’re tasting. It is argued no food is made with more love or joy, and it is certain no food make you feel these things back.

Romantic and quaint, Mediterranean is soothing, with tastes that release pent up stress, as if lifted to the heavens on a cloud of garlic and wine. Some of the world’s most divine flavours feature heavily in Greek and Italian cooking. Simple yet bold, aromatic ingredients are the call sign of a Mediterranean meal. Without wine, olive oil, cheese, tomato, garlic and basil, these cuisines would cease to call us as the Sirens do. These flavours, each incredible on their own, combine across almost every dish to create a taste even the Gods could die for.

Whether a light Greek Salad or a Creamy Carbonara, there is a Mediterranean mouthful for any appetite. Order Mediterranean meal from a restaurant near you now.

Top Tastes To Try:


If you have yet to try a real Italian Lasagne, you have yet to live. Literally layers of pasta, creamy cheese sauce and meaty bolognese, Lasagne is pretty much savoury cake you can have for dinner.


The genius of the Greeks is in their normalisation of eating fried cheese. Saganaki is actually any appetiser prepared in a small frying pan, but Cheese Saganaki, or fried goat’s fetta, is the most widely available (and most delicious)


Rice gently coaxed into a soft pudding like sauce and melded with garlic and meats, Risotto is just as irresistible as it sounds.

Now a pub staple, Calamari, or fried squid legs, is always fresher and more appetising when prepared in traditional Greek Fashion.

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