If you had a dollar for every time you couldn’t decide between Thai, Indian, Chinese and Indonesian, you could’ve spent all that dough on a plate of Malaysia’s finest.

Chinese wok + Indian spices + Thai ingredients + Indonesia next door = the Malaysian equation. When the world holds an award for Most Diverse Cuisine, Malaysia will be wearing the sash and sparkly tiara.

Seafood and spice are the culinary celebrities here, with one ingredient to rule them all: sambal belacan. This shrimp paste, chilli, and lime juice concoction is the underwear of the outfit that is a Malaysian dish.

(I.e. you can’t get dressed without putting underwear on first…just clearing that up.)

For the tastiest tropical journey your mouth has taken, Malaysia’s all about using every of a coconut plant, plus palm sugar, pandan leaf, and lemongrass for a leap of flavour. Roti Canai is a regular treat, but rice reigns supreme in this cuisine. Nasi Lemak is considered the national dish, and you can find congee (rice porridge) at every Maccas in Malaysia.

Make a wise life choice and put some Malaysian in ya mouth!

Top Tastes To Try:

Char Kway Teow

Meet Pad See Ew’s fiery Malaysian cousin.



Have a curry Laksa for the wildest ride of your coconut-obsessed life, or seafood lovers will go gaga over Asam Laksa, with a fish and tamarind base setting the slightly sour flavour.


It’s a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll. Have someone bring you the Malaysian version instead…

Nasi Goreng

A Malaysian must-have with as many versions of this fried rice fellow as there are cooks.

Top Rated Restaurants Serving Malaysian:

Malaysian Noodle House, Leichhardt (Sydney)

Ipoh Parade Malaysian Restaurant, Armadale (Melbourne)

Hometown’s Kitchen, Parkwood (Perth)

Roti Chenai, Fortitude Valley (Brisbane)

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