Lebanese food is basically calling out to get in our belly and ~really~ that’s all we want. In fact, is it our one true pairing? Nah, but it’s close to … I mean, those portion sizes, right? They know how to feed a person!

Think heaps of garlic, lemon, herbs and olive oil. Then, think of all that serious goodness grilled with some juicy chicken. Don’t forget about those other extras like hummus, keftas and the breads … oh, hail the breads.

In fact, bread has been a staple since the 1500s. That’s right. They’ve had over 500 years to master the art of pita making. Sign us up, stat.

And don’t be afraid of that sweet stuff either because they’re seriously good. Baklava, anyone?

It’s great grub to eat with the fam and you know what? All that grilling means it’s pretty healthy.

Top tastes to try

Chargrilled garlic chicken

Garlic? Check. Lemon? Check. Chicken? Check. We’re salivating.



What’s better than meatballs you might ask? Spiced meatballs with hummus. YAS.



Get into bed with this salad, we aren’t even joking when we say ‘crispy flatbread’ awaits.


Recommended Lebanese Restaurants

Charcobel - Guilford West, NSW

Abdul's Kitchen - Marleston, SA

Massaad Food on Wood - Roxburgh Park, VIC

Roma Lebanese Restaurant - Armadale, WA