This month we’re taking you on a taste journey to one of the most delicious destinations in Asia. Prepare your palette for the tangiest of trips to the country with this month’s most craved cuisine.

The most underrated of Asian cuisines, the total taste perfection that is Korean food is one of the continent’s best-kept secrets. With all the deliciousness you’d expect from Asian fare, Korean food is prepared and served in a way that makes a meal even more special.

Rich with marinades, brines and spices Korean is prized for its tang and marriage of salt and spice to enhance the combination of succulent meats and crisp vegetables that comprise the cuisine.

Based on staples of soups, stews, rice, noodles and porridge, Korean food lifts its basic grains to the next level of supreme tastiness by adding a smorgasbord of side dishes to each meal.

A bit like Asian tapas, Korean side dishes or Banchan, give you the chance to fit many tastes into one meal. With Kimchi (fermented cabbage, chilli and spices) being the most popular and most regularly served (available at almost every meal), varieties of Banchan include different types of Jjim (boiled and marinated meats), Gui (grilled dishes), Hoe (raw dishes) and Seon (boiled and stuffed vegetables).

Korean food is also known to have a special place for alcohol, not only do they have a whole category of snacks called Anju reserved for biting with your booze, but they turn pretty much whatever fruit they can get their hands on to wine and they turn rice into beer.

Now that you have your map of the Korean food scape you can start a tasty trek through the flavours that can be found on a Korean menu.

Top Tastes To Try:

Bibimbap – A rice dish with seasoned veggies, chilli and soy bean paste often topped with sliced beef and egg (sometimes raw)


Bulgogi- From the famous Korean Barbeque, sliced, marinated and grilled beef

Galbi – Korean for “awesome marinated short ribs” these are a must.

Top Rated Restaurants

Charim Korean Sydney

Soolzip Korean West Melbourne

Snow Tree Korean Footscray

King Chicken Melbourne

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