Sweet, saucy, salty and all about side dishes, Japanese food is like that ex that got away. Its sophisticated and alluring (thousands of years of tradition will do that to you), but still fun and casual. Japanese is pretty much the perfect date (with, or in place of, someone cute to eat with.)

Sumptuous sauces, next-level noodles and truly tender cuts of fish and meat are the highlights of Japan’s tasty treats, but for the Japanese, cuisine is as much about taste as it is presentation. Food is literally art. From the adorably appetising bento characters crafted from rice and cold cuts, to the culinary expertise of Teppanyaki and Fugu (deadly blowfish) chefs, that train for years just for the prestige of being able to prepare and serve Japanese food.

As serious about seafood as a cat at a fish market, the Japanese have some of the best ways to cook up a cod or braise a bass. Even their vegetable dishes and red meat are often seasoned with dried tuna flakes (katsuobushi). In a traditional meal of soup and three sides, it’s hard to find one in which fish won’t feature.   

But the fish-phobic needn’t fear this food. Wagyu beef, one of the richest and best marbled red meats, is Japanese in heritage and is quickly becoming a craving for carnivores the world over.

Japanese really offers a treat for all tastes, and they will even be nice about offering a fork if chopsticks have you choosing cutlery centric cuisine. So do the Don (rice dishes), when next deciding on dinner.  

Top Tastes To Try:


Meat or fish grilled and smothered with a sweet soy and rice wine sauce. A top pick for barbecue fans and the flavour favourers alike.


Like fish and chips but a million times better, tempura is a method of deep frying meat and vegetables in the most heavenly, delicate batter. Light, crispy and insanely tasty, tempura anything, will not disappoint.


While not necessarily a specific taste or texture, Bento is a must try because it lets you taste test a whole range of dishes for the price of one. Hors d'oeuvre size servings of various dishes are combined in a sectioned box to create one delicious dinner. Many versions will also combine the dishes to create a picture or characters, often based around popular culture.


A bit like naked sushi, sashimi is thinly sliced portions of raw fish, often dipped in different sauces. If not just for the novelty of this unique food prep style, Sashimi should be appreciated for its delicate mouth feel and expert slicing.

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