Malaysian food is great. So is Dutch food. Middle Eastern and Indian are amazing and Chinese food is pretty awesome too, but that doesn’t mean throwing them all together is a brilliant idea. Nope, wait, it’s the best idea. Turns out, you get one of the most truly tantalising yet underrated cuisines the world has ever tasted.

Indonesian food is one of the most beautifully blended cuisines you could encounter, thanks to a healthy indigenous cookbook and the borrowing of the best bits of national menus from the world over. With more than 300 different ethnic groups, and centuries of European, Middle Eastern and Asian influences, the spice palate and ingredients list for Indonesian cooking hit peak tastiness more than 100 years ago. With 3 dishes in the Top 50 Tastiest In The World, Indonesian is just one of those things you can’t deny yourself if you even have the tiniest appreciation for your tastebuds (trust us, they will thank you.)

Ding, Dong! Your Beef Rendang Is Ready

Closely tied to Malaysian food, with the European influence adding a creaminess to the flavours, Indonesian food is based on curries, rice, noodles and fried meats. Rendang, Satay and Nasi Goreng (the three delicious dishes that made it into the world top 50) nicely sum up the variety and extent of flavours and textures that is on offer from Sumatra to Sulawesi.

With a tropical climate and some 6,000 islands, Indonesian food is as abundant with flavours as are the spices and herbs that grow there. The key hub of many international trade routes, the taste of Indonesian curries and fried meats have drawn food fans from the world over.

Eating Indonesian is like taking a round the world trip with each mouthful. Wanna know what the world tastes like? Order Indonesian now.