*~insert hilariously inappropriate sausage joke here~*

No jokes, German food is serious schnitz. (Okay, a few jokes. We're only human.)

If you're into fried food, meat and a dinner that makes YOUR BEER TASTE BETTER (which you are 'cus, again, only human) then German food is your new favourite thing.

Big, bold, beer-friendly foods make German the perfect precursor to a cosy night in or a rowdy night out.  Meat and starch heavy and packed with brilliant textures and flavours, German cuisine will make you want to eat the entire comically large serving and then ask for more.

The Germans are comfort food geniuses - you're feeling down? Grab some fried carbs and meat - aka Schnitzel. Having a bad day? Drown your sorrows in tiny pasta pillows and a blissful amount of cheese - or Spätzel. Things not going your way? Cheer yourself up by getting some pork on your fork, with a Bratwurst the size of your foot.

Top Tastes To Try:


Succulent fillets of chicken and pork, breaded then fried into one of the greatest gifts to pub cuisine since the humble chip. Not to be confused with Weinerschnitzel - an Austrian dish using the same preparation method to serve veal. 


Like Kimchi without the chilli, this pickled cabbage is a favourite side dish that mixes well with most German dishes. 


German for sausage there are literally too many types to count. With Bratwurst  and Liverwurst being two of the most popular, if you're into rich meats with subtle spices. these will be right up your alley.


If Gnocchi were tiny and smothered in cheese or spices, you'd have Spätzel. It's is like mac and cheese on steroids and you will not be sorry you tried it.

source: Samuel Adams

Top Rated Restaurants Serving German:

Bavarian Bier Cafe - Crows Nest

Schnitzel Platz -Richmond

The Hungarian - Richmond

Essen Restaurant and Beer Cafe- Ultimo