When we say German, you say … sausage? That’s right, German is our taste of the month for August, and we’re very excited to talk about some cold cuts! Not a meat eater? Don’t assume the wurst (see what we did there?), there’s still food for you.


Obviously, we’re going to have to start with sausage. Of the 1,500 types of German sausage, the Bratwurst is the most famous of all, made from pork and ground spices.


Helena Cafe and Restaurant, Redbank, QLD


Feeling hungrig? Why not Munich on a mouth-watering pork Schnitzel? OK, we admit Austria invented this amazing way to fry up meat, but they speak German so we’ll talk schnitzel.


Quick Schnitz, Windsor, VIC

Pickled vegetables

There’s a reason why pickles exist and there’s also a reason why sauerkraut exists – other than taking a meal to a new level – and that’s because pickled foods are crazy good for you. Forget green smoothies, this is where the party’s at.


Bavarian Bier Cafe, Sydney CBD, NSW


Well, helloooo. Isn’t this one obvious?


Windsor Liquor, Windsor, VIC


It's (k)not bread!


Bavarian Bier Cafe, Bondi, NSW

Black Forest cake

Bet not many of you knew that the Germans created the very decadent – and delicious – Black Forest cake. Never had it? Never lived, we say. This rich, layered chocolate and cherry cake is smothered in cream, then decorated with even more chocolate and cherries.

 blackforest cake

Essen Restaurant and Beer Cafe, Ultimo, NSW

Gummy bears

A German confectioner – seriously, it’s a real job – came up with the idea for gummy bears after seeing circus bears at fates, markets and fairs in the early 20s. That’s all it took for this to become one of the best loved lollies of all time.