When you're all about that sweet life, dessert is on your mind every day of the week. Because if there's one thing that's better than a big pizza covered in cheese, it's a big pizza smothered in Nutella and icing sugar, and maybe strawberries if you're feeling healthy AF.

Nobody can simply say no to dinner and replace it with dessert - let's just get that straight right now. It's just that dinner needs a pal...a sweet friend to follow in its footsetps. You can't have one without the other.

So whether you're the cake queen (or cake king of course), a donut dreamer, or the village ice cream inspector, where there's a will to get them into your mouth, there will always be a way. Get a sweet little sumn sumn delivered while you binge watch OITNB tonight.

Top Tastes To Try:

Gulab Jamun

Like donut holes, but better, because they’re soaked in a sweet syrup.


The Italian translation is "pick me up". With a hefty dose of coffee AND sugar, this is one dessert that doesn’t need to lie on its résumé.

Fried Ice Cream

It's ice cream, but fried. C'mon guys.

Top Rated Restaurants Serving Dessert:

Namaste Bondi Indian Cuisine (Sydney)

The Killer Tomato Pizzeria (Adelaide)

Babu Burger (Melbourne)

Pasta Fiesta (Perth)

Soi 9 Thai (Brisbane)