Foods you associate with the US of A

American food is diverse but every dish shares one thing in common … they love being over the top and they don’t have a single ounce of shame in doing so. In fact, some of America’s best loved foods originated elsewhere in the world but have their feet firmly on the ground in the States and they ain’t going anywhere.

Reuben sandwich

All hail the king of sandwiches, the Reuben, invented in Nebraska is rye bread overflowing with beef of the corned variety, Swiss cheese, some of that fermented sauerkraut-y goodness, and Thousand Island dressing – which is essentially a better version of having mayo on your sammie.

Where to get them? - Third Wave, Port Melbourne


Buffalo wings

We don’t think you’ve truly lived until you’ve tried Buffalo chicken wings. These bad boys are deep-fried, then smothered in buttery hot sauce. Scared? You shouldn’t be … well, only if you’re not a fan of tongue-fiery deliciousness.

Where to get them? - The One, Acton -



Pizza might have originated in Italy, but it was perfected in America. Gold medal to you, America. You might go for a pepperoni, or a Hawaiian topping, but if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try a deep-dish, stuffed crust, pockets, or even a calzone? The world is your oyster and pizza is your pearl.

Doughnuts or donuts

No matter how you spell it, donuts are possibly the sweetest treat when you think of the USA. You might be bronuts with classic cinnamon donuts but … live a little, go for some filled donuts with jam, cream, custard, Nutella. You catch our drift?

Where to get them? - Johnny Boys Pizza and Pasta, Burwood East -


Mac and cheese

Unofficially, mac and cheese is the king of comfort food – unless you're lactose intolerant (hey, we feel that pain) – and it’s also totally American. It’s basically a casserole of pasta, cheese, butter and béchamel. We like to think that mac and cheese translates to “good belly food”.

Where to get them? - Miss Kitty's Saloon, Inglewood -

Hot dogs

German? Not exactly. The hot dog is considered the ultimate American street food and was introduced in Coney Island by a German immigrant in 1870(ish).


Burger snob or not, sometimes only a cheeseburger will hit the spot. What makes a cheeseburger taste so good is that a slice of cheese is added to the meat patty during the cooking process to get all melty.