For such an expansive region, with so many tantilising tastes, there is a noticeable underappreciation of African food in Australia. Known for complex spice pallates and rich and hearty sauces, African foods are the perfect treat to try in the lead up to winter.  

Arabic, European and traditional influences have created tastes so elaborate, that they are envied across the world. The variations in locally available ingredients have created a luscious  ebb and flow of flavours that builds into an irresistible tapestry of tastes that drapes itself across the continent. 

Exotic spice and sauce combinations are key to African cuisines allure. Many are making their way into western cuisine, like Dukkah (cumin, coriander, sesame) and Harissa (chili, cumin and coriander) will others are still begging to be tasted, like Chermoula (garlic, chilli, paprika & more) and Berbere (allspice, cinnamon, ginger & more)

Across the many flavours of Africa's 54 nations, there are two aspects of their tastiest treats that stand out:  Starches and Stews. Steeped in rich sauces, thick, succulent stews come in levels of spiciness to suit every tongue, while breads, cereals, dumplings and rice make the perfect cure for carb cravings.  

With this list of the appetising awesomeness Africa has to offer, you can start your saucy safari with these popular dishes.

Top Tastes to Try:


The dish so nice they named it twice, couscous is steamed semolina, often flavoured with spices, fruits and vegetables (such as capsicum or sultanas). Like rice's dressed up cousin, it is often used a side dish over which meats or stews are served. 

Lamb Tagine

Tagine refers to the method of cooking (stew baked and served in a clay pot), so there is a wide variety in taste in this dish. One thing we can promise is that succulent lamb will meet a plethora of spices, to create a rich and warming dish. 


A carb lover's dream, this dough (made of yam, plantains or cassava root) is rolled and dipped into sauce or stew for a chewy, tasty treat.


Fluffy, crisp dough dumplings that make the perfect entree or dessert.


Top Rated African Restaurants

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