There are heaps of reasons to open a restaurant, (glory, fame, all you can eat pizza) but a pure and sincere passion for sharing good food with the world is arguably the best one. David Robinson, of Liverpool’s Fiusion Coffee and Pizza Bar, started his restaurant with the sole purpose of making great food accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget (students, rejoice!). Here’s some insight into the personality behind the pizza:

What got you into the Pizza Game?

“I just love food. I think everyone should have access to quality food, so they can fall in love with it too. After 21 years as a fine foods chef, I really just wanted to share my food with anyone and everyone, not just those who can afford elite dining.”

What’s your philosophy on food?

“Put simply, good food doesn’t take any more time than average food. It doesn’t need additives, just fresh ingredients and care in preparation and serving. My staff are trained to handle the food in such a way as it tastes how it should when it’s delivered, and we do things like insist on serving dressings or parmesan on the side, so people can customise their food for the taste they like.”

What's the best thing about running a restaurant?

“I get to create relationships with my regulars. It’s great to have them tell me they appreciate what I am trying to achieve with their food. I also get to be my own boss, which is a bonus.”

What’s one thing you have learned from your customers?

“The best way to get through to people is show them they matter as an individual. We work really hard to provide consistently good service, but when you set a high standard, that’s what people expect. We like to perform what I call Random Acts of Appreciation, and surprise people with goodies every once in a while. We like to thank them for their support of us as a new restaurant.”

Will your menu ever stop changing?

“We have changed the menu four times in the last 5 months as we learn more about what our customers really want. We’ve done a large print run this time so it will stay the same for a while, but we’re always going to be about giving people what they love in a price bracket they can afford. “