Your favourite dinner, prepared by someone else of course, and a brilliant beverage is the best way to celebrate (or make up for) the events of the week that was. The wrong combination of the two, however, can leave you feeling more perplexed than relaxed. Ensure the perfect pairings, and avoid a less than delicious disaster, with these 10 tips for top takeaway and wine combos.

Time To Get Matchy Matchy

Let’s start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start.) Match what you know about the wine and the food to narrow down your choices.  

1) Wine and food that plays together stays together: Match drinking wine to the wine the food was cooked with.

Best bites: Pasta in white wine sauce will taste amazing with white wine (duh!)

2) Same origins, same taste: Food and wine from the same region was developed to taste great together.

Best bites: Italian Food- Red sauces- Sangiovese, White sauces- Pinot Bianco

3) Match the heavyweights: Strong, rich foods need strong rich wines.

Best bites: Smash a big meal with burgers or ribs and Shiraz

Don’t we all?

Wine Crimes

4) Fish is really snobby and will only be an agreeable guest to your mouth if you provide it with a low iron wine, so avoid dark reds.

Best bites: Flaky Fish (Snapper) and Dry Whites (Sauvignon Blanc). Oily Fish (Salmon) and Sweet Whites (Moscato).

5) Some foods are super straight edge and their compounds really react badly to wine. Avoid wine drinking with dishes with lots of brussel sprout and asparagus.

You, if you fail to heed these warnings.

Bubbles For Your Troubles

6) Sparkling sets off salty: The bubbles enhance the salt and vice versa

Best bites: Sushi and champagne

7) Crispy, bubbly food likes crispy, bubbly wine: Sparkling and chips, get on it.

Best bites: Fish and chips with sparkling whites

Bonus: Sparkling wine makes your dinner fancy

Wine Is The Spice of life

Asian foods and wine did not grow up together but can get along if you put them in the right categories.

8) Spicy needs sweet: Hot foods work well with sweet flavours to cool them down.

Best bites: Chinese food, like Szechuan Chicken, and Riesling

9) Rich needs Rosé: Bolder flavours with richer spices work well with light reds.

Best bites: Indian Food, like Rogan Josh, and Rosé

Don’t Force It

10) If you’re just not feeling a wine, don’t drink it just because the guide tells you to. There are several options for each food, so choose the kinds of wine you like and find the best match among those.

…for making our fave food taste even better

Time to test out your wine matching skills. Order takeaway and/or wine online now.