We all know that nothing is more powerful than that waft of a warm meal when you’re hungry. Just shy of tasting that perfect pizza or that newly baked bread, the appetising aromas of that fill your nose at the arrival of takeaway are enough to make you weak at the knees. But it looks like the rest of the world is a little slow to catch on to this fact. Day in and day out we’re smacked in the face by scents from frangipani and lavender ( which, by the way, are not tasty to eat) when we could be sniffing fresh chips or garlic bread.

It’s time to right this wrong, and fill the world with magical munchable scent spreaders that will bring smiles through smells.

Here are some of the most sort after scents that we want to deliver.

Pizza Scented Candle:

Relax with the proven aromatherapy effects of basil and burned cheese with this Pizza Scented Candle. Wafts of crisp dough, will soothe your tense muscles while tomato will lift your mood (and your appetite)

Takeaway Dessert Room Spray:

Fake seaside scents and lavender smelling lavatories may be all the rage, but imagine if your home smelled like takeaway treats 24/7. Banana fritter, Apple Pie, Tiramisu, And Vanilla Panna Cotta would be the top sellers in our favourite room deodorizer line.  

Sausage Sizzle Car Freshener:

Few (outside of the vegetarians) can resist the smell of a sausage sizzle. The slight hint of charcoal and that salty, savoury sausage scent is enough to make you relive all of the best Saturday afternoons you’ve had in your life. Now you can smell sausage all the way from point a to point b.

Sweet and Saucy Shampoo:

If you catch more flies with honey, then logic follows that you catch more hotties with hotdogs or coconut rice. Ditch the birds of paradise, or the mango madness and have your haircare help your tastiness stand out.

Takeaway Scented Scented Textas:

The kids will tell you, Bubblegum and Licorice are out and Burger and Fries are in! Paperwork would be all the better with fragrant felt tips that tasted of takeaway.

Carbs Meet Cologne:

You want a cologne to welcome people into your space, to make them feel comfortable around you, to want to be near you. There is no better fragrance to make people feel good than that of fresh pastry. Swap the musk for muffin and watch your relationships blossom.

Appetising aromas would make anyone hungry, order online now.