A magical contradiction, Sweet and Sour Pork is one of the most enduring achievements of Chinese culture, (you know, next to gunpowder, paper, and alcohol.)

The basis of the ancient belief that Chinese food is so delicious it makes you crave more after just one hour, sweet and sour pork is notoriously moreish.

By pretty much bending the laws of physics to balance complimentary yet contradictory flavours, it ensures its place atop the list of all time greatest Chinese foods.

Combining succulent fried meat pieces, crisp veg, wickedly sticky sauce and often served on a bed of soft, fluffy rice, Sweet and Sour Pork is as much about a variety of textures as it is flavours. Just like the fireworks at Chinese New Year, this dish will surprise and captivate you, not matter how often you experience it.

Bringing great honour to its ancestors, sweet and sour pork is the result of many centuries of experimentation and evolution of flavours. Good fortune (in the form of deliciousness) favours those who try this dish. For a happy life, find a way to get this food to your face, chopsticks or no.

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