With origins that trace back to the dawn of civilisation and the creation of flat bread, pizza is branded on our collective consciousness as one of the most worshiped of the takeaway gods.

Evolving through a variety of forms over the last millennium, pizza comes in many flavours, but none is as sought after as the Supreme. Face it, you just can’t argue with the superiority of something that’s already called “Supreme”.

The Supreme Pizza commands total authority over the other, weaker pizza life forms, with the intricate customs of pizza hierarchy requiring other flavours to fall to their knees in Supreme’s presence. Official pizza doctrine favours The Supreme, due to its ability to maintain a perfect balance between flavours, while offering such a high volume and array of toppings.

The root of long standing feuds between warring factions of the great pizzeria families, the definitive Supreme Pizza recipe is still in dispute. However, for a pizza to achieve the high title of “Supreme” it must present a multi-meat and vegetable extravaganza, including any combination of pepperoni, bacon, sausage, ground beef, mushrooms, capsicum, olives, pizza sauce (tomato base with inclusions such as basil, onion and garlic), and mozzarella cheese. Popular variants often include pineapple, prawns and anchovies.

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