Delicious probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of salad, is it? Well, we think that will all change today ‘cause we have found some super summer salads that will have you returning for seconds – not just because they’re nutrition-packed, but because they are mighty tasty. Don’t believe us? Challenge us, we dare you. Now, lettuce turnip the beet. 

Chicken and chorizo salad

Grains not your thing? Don’t worry, there’s still a place for you here. We know you love chorizo, and having it in a salad is a great way to enjoy it guilt-free.


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What a great classic. It’s also a great summer-time classic. If you haven’t had coleslaw before, you really need to. It’s creamy and crunchy and goes great with chicken. Always remember that it’s not on the menu at chicken chains for no reason.


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Prawn glass noodle salad

Prawns are an Aussie summer staple, and what better way to enjoy them than in a Thai salad? Did we mention this salad has noodles? And, did we mention this salad is gluten-free?


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 Halloumi salad with rocket and pumpkin

Vegetarian or not, halloumi is a great salad ingredient. Plus, a salad with roasted vegetables is always going to be a good one.


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 Brekkie salad

What the flipping egg is a brekkie salad? Well, you could call it a big brekkie for the more health-conscious. We’ll take the lot, thanks.

brekkie salad

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