O-week is for letting loose, and ignoring the fact that life is about to suck real hard.

Join that Kanye Appreciation Society.

Go to that toga party for first year law students when you're not in first year, and definitely don't do law.

Buy that whole shelf of cup-a-soups on sale.

Cos it's all downhill after you graduate.

Seriously. Ask anyone.

Who Needs IKEA When You Have The Day Before Garbage Day?

BRB Selling An Organ To Afford Reading Materials

Student Luxury Is Quilted

Stocking Up On Essentials

AAA: Avo Addicts Anonymous

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

You'll look back fondly on all those the late-night noodles you ate.

At least make sure you remember devouring the real deal an hour before a deadline.

Two words: Japanese ramen.