Umming and Ahhing over what to order for dinner is the only thing that could dampen the joys of takeaway night. Making decisions is hard and when you want to relax with a night off cooking, not being able to decide what to eat can really interrupt your hard earned wind down time.

Finally we have a solution. No longer will you have to tear your hair out tossing up Rogan Josh or Roast Potatoes. With the Dinner Decision Wheel now available on EatNow, the decision can be made for you.


Simply spin the wheel and watch as the new site addition evaluates your tastes, the temperature and even your blood alcohol level if you enter it (because we all know some foods are just better than others after a big night.)

The wheel will select a cuisine and dish for you to try then present you a list of local restaurants from whom you can order the chosen dish.


Not happy with the result? Simply spin again and again until you find the dish that fills that delicious decision gap.

Be one of the first to try this revolving revolution by visiting the wheel now.