Satay Chicken is the queen bee of Tasty Food High, so popular, everyone wants her on their team. Originating in 19th Century Indonesia under various colonial influences, it is still a favourite on menus of most South East Asian cuisines.

Famous for that incredible, ooey-gooey sauce that tastes as if it were made of peanuts softly ground beneath the hooves of coconut-scented unicorns, Satay actually refers to a method of cooking rather than a particular topping or taste.

Satay is pieces of skewered meat, identifiable by its intense yellow marinade (made of turmeric, not sunshine, daffodils and pure liquid happiness as the taste might have you expect). This meat is then grilled and served with a dipping sauce or gravy, making it the perfect street food or entrée.

Most popular in chicken variety, Satay lends itself to most meats, including beef, pork, prawn, rabbit and goat. Those with a wilder side have been known to enjoy Satay Turtle, Horse, Lizard or Snake, which is handy if you’re trying to eat your way through the Chinese Zodiac (although that Dragon Satay is pretty hard to come by.)

Notoriously messy, it’s not a true Satay sesh unless you finish up with it all over your mouth and half way down you arms. (Not a complete disgrace? Order another stick and try again.)

Whether you prefer peanutty goodness, or are down for a traditional Indonesian mutton and soy sauce combo, Satay can’t help but deliver one of the world’s premiere food-on-a-stick experiences. Regardless of its origin or definition, Satay will always be South East Asia’s favourite skewered meat.

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