Meat Appreciation Alert: Vegetarians, we’re sorry. This article is going to be a tender, juicy, love letter to that crimson, marbled deliciousness that is steak.

Dearest Steak,

One of the oldest forms of takeaway, a meal sized slice of fresh, premium meat has been at the top of our food wish list for many thousands of years. For the past few millennia we have lusted after the rich umami only the most skilled of our butchering brethren can bring to our lips. And for that same amount of time we have been trying to perfect the flavouring and frying of you, our meaty morsel.

Hallucinations of T-Bone, Eye Fillet and Porterhouse fill our nights, while delicious daydreams fuel Steak cravings at day. We can’t escape your cattle call and relief can only come when we surrender to your rare, meaty mouthfuls.

Thick, plump and succulent, Steak, this is our ode to thee.

Yours in hunger everlasting,

Steak Lovers.

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