Chili and cayenne pepper don't have to take a summer holiday. If you love some kick in your korma or a pizza that packs a punch, there's no reason things can't get spicy when the sun's out. Don't let a little spike in the temperature keep you from the things you love, just get creative and stay cool when your food heats up. 



  • Lounge & Lunch By The Pool - if you (or a friend or vacationing neighbour) are lucky enough to have one, a breeze off the backyard pool is enough to cool you down when you're trying to enjoy a nice spice.
  • Knock It Down A Notch - Many restaurants offer spice options, if you're usually into a 3 chili heat, try out a 1 instead.
  • Dial It Down With A Dessert-  Milk takes the kick out of spice. So enjoy a 3 bean chili, and take a nice big mouthful of milkshake, or lick of ice cream when things start to get to hot.
  • Become A Huge Fan of Fans - Not only will you get rockstar locks and the opportunity to practice your robot voice, a fan in your face will keep you cool while your mouth stays spicy.
  • Ice Ice Tootsies - Chuck your feet in a bucket of ice water and comfortably nom on spicy foods until you fall into a food coma.

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