The term super soup is a bit corny (or chicken and corny, if you will) but there is really no better way to describe the downright deliciousness of Indonesian Soto. Sometimes considered the national dish, and a definite favourite of locals from Sumatra to West-Papua, this brilliant broth is full of flavour.

Like a sweet, sweet soupy rainbow, Soto comes in enough flavours and colours to make a case for its own mascots and novelty store (move over M&Ms world). From Chicken, to tripe, to beef ribs, Soto is a brothy master of delicious disguise.

Packed with serious Southeast Asian flavour, most Sotos are awash with garlic, coriander, tumeric, ginger and salt, which each enhance the chosen meat and can be bolstered by rice vermicelli, fried tofu, or hard boiled eggs.

So next time soup should make your list of cravings, remember Soto the super soup and treat your taste buds to top takeaway.