It happens every time. Your favourite food arrives and that first bite sends your head swimming. Awash in the ecstasy of eating, you crank up the power in your taste centres, and drain the rest of your brain. When you come down from this hunger defeating high, you’re lost for words. Your mouth is slow to recover and you can never quite find the perfect terms for this intense food-phoria.

We need stronger words. We need words that we can find straight away and that immediately communicate, with one grunt, exactly the kind of taste experience that robbed us of our usual gift of the gab.

This list is a collection of post-food-high terms that will help you explain exactly how you feel.


- adj.- definition: that which is 12 times as rich and delicious as one taste unit of chocolate cake.

Eg. It was so funny when she tripped with the cake, but it’s a shame she dropped it because it looked dodecadent.


- adj.- definition: a food so perfectly prepared and presenting such a high level of taste that the aim should be to consume eight servings in one sitting.

Eg. I know it’s 3am, but I want to know if you have any more kebabs, because that one was consummeight.


– adj.- definition: any food that creates an intense feeling of anticipation for its consumption that it energises the consumer often to the point of tingling sensations.

Eg. I‘m so keen to get my hands on one of those dynomic burgers later, that I can already feel the tingles.  


- adj.- definition: demonstrating a specific feeling of elation due to being presented with a favourite naughty food, such as lollies, particularly when without a usual feeling of guilt.

Eg. We ordered his favourite pizza for his birthday and you could tell he was completely jubelant.


- adj.- definition: describes a fateful event where one stumbles across a new favourite food by chance or accident.

Eg. The invention of vegemite and cheese was pretty forktuitous, when you think about it.


–adj.- definition: Intense commitment to pursuit of delicious food.

Eg.  I don’t think I’ll go out with her again, I mean, she was so devourted that we couldn’t choose a movie until she’d had dinner.

Time to test out these foodie phrases. Order online now then describe your meal to friends.