Sauerkraut. It’s not one of the usual suspects in the delicious dinnertime line up. When you first come across it, it doesn’t do much to make itself appealing, but it is a master of disguise that has been tricking tastebuds for centuries.  

Cooked or preserved, Sauerkraut is a fermented cabbage that delivers on what its name suggests in the best possible way. A sour, salty tang that goes perfectly with rich meats and fried foods, is Sauerkraut’s usual M.O.

The Badass of Bavarian Food, Sauerkraut has a legacy that dates back to the Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan, when the method of pickling vegetables was brought to Russia, by neighbouring Mongolians and spread quickly across Central Europe.

But Sauerkraut isn’t the criminal cabbage it may seem to be. Full of Vitamin C it accompanied Captain Cook on all his voyages, protecting the crew from scurvy, and recently it has befriended the introverts by proving itself useful for easing social anxiety.

So the next time a fresh pile of preserved cabbage presents itself as a chewing choice, don’t be thrown by its suspicious name. Dig in and enjoy the killer kraut. Order online now.