We all know that food is the real language of love and the quickest way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. But what if you’re a terrible cook, or true romance for you is just talking with you partner without the distraction of an oven timer- or smoke alarms- every few minutes?

Should you be doomed to a lack lustre love life if cooking doesn’t do it for you?

Of course not! Takeaway can be just as tantalising as a home cooked meal if you do it right.

  Don’t let a lack of snacks ruin your night

Passion is Powerful - Feed Them Your Faves

Nothing is more attractive than a person talking about things they love. Fervour is flirty and having your most loved meal delivered and enjoying it with your partner is a great way to create an exciting atmosphere (as long as you can restrain yourself from scoffing it and being totally off-putting. Get yourself together!)

  Us too, Eden.

Mediterranean Munchies Mean Much Amoré

Basil, garlic and olives (oil form or otherwise) all contain properties that boost the body’s feel-good chemicals and get your brain into the romance zone. The combinations of these in Greek and Italian foods might explain the reputation the respective peoples have for passion. Just make sure you have gum handy to combat gross garlic breath.
  You were waiting for this one, weren’t you?

Smarts Are Sexy

Got knowledge of a food your partner is unfamiliar with? Great! Share it! New knowledge and experience lent by a partner is part of the excitement of being in a relationship. Order something you know they haven’t had (but based on their tastes, you think they’ll love) to share a new food with your partner. Just don’t over spice it. You don’t want your date to end up like Ron.

    The 3 chilli curry was a bad choice

Cuckoo for Choc and Chilli

Enter the endorphins. These chemical critters are the ones that make you feel awesome after exercise and give chocolate that addictive quality. Chilli encourages them too, so a dinner chock-a-block with these two ingredients will make everything seem incredible. Just be careful on the chilli front- no one likes a sweaty date.

    Go gaga for great food

Ready for a romantic night in? Order your sensual supper now.