Ribs: succulent, saucy meat, with a built-in handle for your convenience. There’s nothing else you could ask for in a barbecued food, except, maybe, more.
Ribs have had many thousands of years to achieve perfection. From caveman-caught to chef-selected and with the sweet and salty sauces marinating over millions of years, Ribs have come a long way.
This multi-millennia love affair with barbecue Ribs has driven much of man’s innovation. From the charred and crispy flavours of an open-air flame, to the sticky, smokehouse savouries of today, humanity has never stopped striving to reach optimum Rib.
Through eons of innovation, Ribs in the present day offer some of the richest, most tender meat available. Thanks to your forbearers and their cunning Rib-cooking kin, it’s so easy to get your hands on this treat of sweet meat.
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