Most of our nursery rhymes were written in the 1700s, well before burgers were invented and pizza was delivered to your house. To give our favourite feasts their rightful place in our childhood memories we've rewritten a few of the greatest nursery rhymes.





Baa Baa Black Sheep did you say you’re full?

There’s a slice of pizza left, I’ll eat it if that’s cool.

There was one slice for Arthur and one slice for Jane

Did you even get a slice? Did you miss out again?


Little Bo Peep, was super cheap, when it came to ordering food

She’d eat more than was fair, then not pay her share, which really IS pretty rude.


Little Miss Muffett sat on her carpet,

Eating her burger and fries.

She was in pure bliss, in pjs, munching chips

And binge watching “House Of Lies.”


Mary Mary, Quite Contrary, what would you like to eat?

I don’t know,

Order soon though,

Just not that place that does chicken’s feet.


Little Tommy Tucker Orders In His Supper

What did her order? Pizza, family size

What? Is that it? And a side of fries

When will it come? When the doorbell rings

Then what will he do? Relax and eat all the things!




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