With so many food fans placing orders every day, we have the amazing privilege of being able to read heaps of spectacular restaurant reviews. Some of them just had to be shared.  




User:  Martin

Dish ordered:  Hamburger

"...Pretty stoked to have these guys in and around my mouth."

 Maybe more in the mouth than around


User: Amanda

Dish Ordered: Pizza

"...You make me such a happy woman, a bit chubbier than before I met you, but oh so happy!"


Fat Amy approves

User:  Peachy

Dish ordered: Not Chimichangas

"… you order chimichangas at mexican places just so you can say 'chimichanga'. Thank you for the great food literally every time... we love your work xx

Ps: i know it sounds like it, but i don’t work for them- i just wanna marry their food."


It's ok. We wanna marry food too. 

User: Petro

Dish ordered: Curry

"Thi (sic.) curry is well proper, beyond ye colonial bland ditty's (sic.) of food hall hell. 5 stars for its spivy morishness. Hugs and Kisses."

So delightfully British

User: Emily  

Dish ordered: pizza

"Fast delivery great hot food! My GOD was your delivery guy hot! Oh my I nearly fainted right there and then! Totally need his number btw haha!"

WELP - at least the food wasn't gunna get cold

User: Anna

Dish ordered: Curry



Best two word review you our curry restaurants could ask for

User: Rec

Dish Ordered: Kebabs

"You know what to expect - it's kebab...stop being drunk and start ordering."


There just isn't any arguing with that.

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