Since the dawn of competitive sports there have been bets placed on the outcome and with betting. of course comes weirdos using Octopi or dowsing rods to predict the outcome. Since we’re pretty comfortable with the fact that we’re also weirdos, it makes sense that we’d let you in on some of the saucy secrets we’ll use to predict the results of the upcoming Football Final Frenzy weekend.  

The Tasty Race:

Order from two restaurants (we suggest pasta and curry for fair fastness in preparation) and assign each restaurant to a team. The first restaurant to deliver belongs to the winning team.

Accuracy: 87%

Cons: Food may arrive well before the game starts

Notable Successes: A Pasta arrival predicted Italy’s 2006 World Cup (Soccer) Win

The Chip Chuck:

Grab a handful of chips and toss them on your plate - all of the chips that lie parallel to you add to a player number. The team with the player under that number with the alphabetically first last name will be your best bet.

Accuracy: 91%

Cons: You might drop some of your chips

Notable Successes:  9 chips predicted the Hawthorn 2014 AFL Grand Final Win ( Burgoyne > Malceski)

Pizza Roulette:

Order a pizza with chili paste on a single slice. Assign each slice to a team and eat them one by one - the spicy slice determines the winner.

Accuracy: 84%

Cons: Surprise spiciness may make your eyes water

Notable Successes: A spicy slice predicted the 2013 Miami Heat NBA Finals win over the San Antonio Spurs.

Now it’s time to try your hand at palate pleasing prophesying. Order online now and see where to place your best bets *

*Always gamble, and pizza, responsibly