We know takeaway tastes terrific, but we never stop to celebrate the other things that make ordered grub great. While we’re distracted by melting cheese or crispy crusts, Pizza and his pals are providing us with semi-phenomenal, nearly cosmic powers. Every day, there are feats of excellence that a delicious dinner has done for us that we would never notice, but would sorely miss.


Pizza Makes You Awesome At Maths

If we asked you to multiply 265 by 287 it might take you some time, but put a pizza in front of you and  we’d be damned if you can’t work out how to split it between 9 of you.

Pad Thai Unleashes Your Super Brains

It’s always easier to use your noodle when you’re eating them. Not only does chasing slippery noodles around your dish spark up your problem solving abilities, but nomming on Thai food to chase away your hunger fog, perks up even the sleepiest parts of your brain.

Chicken Parmigiana Makes You The Pub Favourite

Always popular with a pint, Chicken Parmigiana makes you the pub goers best mate. Score some free drinks, meet new friends  or hustle a few games of pool. Parma promises super night out.

Go Bold With Bolognese

Social Anxiety is not something you associate with Italian food. Let the bold flavours of a Bolognese sauce boost your confidence. Get some spag bol in you and you can grab life by the (meat)balls.

Time to don the cape (and maybe a bib if you’re messy), order some dinner, and taste test your scrummiest strengths.